Make $1,000 to $10,000 Per Month As A Virtual Assistant

Are you ready to uplevel your life and business this year?

Make $1k to $10k per month as a virtual assistant! 

Get direct support from Chrissy! Strategy, Mentorship, Ongoing Support, Action Plans. 

You can choose either a 3-month coaching arrangement or a 12-month coaching arrangement. More results come from a long-term container. 

Private Mentorship Follows This Format in 12 Weeks:

STRATEGY FOR $1K to $10K Months 



We repeat this format throughout the duration of our partnership together to help you achieve your goals. 

With Private 1:1 Coaching You'll be able to ask questions in Voxer via voice message or text 24/5 Mon-Fri, 3 business day turnaround max. You'll be able to ask for audits/reviews of your virtual assistant foundation. 

We'll strategize and brainstorm. You'll receive direct 1:1 mentorship with someone that understands what it's like to run a successful virtual assistant business. 

You'll also receive access to Chrissy's trainings, programs and courses during your time doing 1:1 coaching. 

Private 1:1 Coaching is for the woman who...

  • Takes radical responsibility for her results
  • Already has made sales in their business
  • Wants to go from virtual assistant to high-end virtual assistant
  • Understands entrepreneurship is all about managing risk
  • Is playing the long game in business
  • Is a self-led individual
  • Ready to take imperfect messy action toward her dreams
  • Makes the boss moves (like investing in private coaching/mentorship)
  • Respect 2-business day turnaround for Voxer access
  • Respects the weekends off/playtime rule for Voxer access 
  • Knows Chrissy is her DREAM coach/mentor 
  • Is willing to be vulnerable, open, and honest in a safe Voxer container
  • Understanding results can take many forms including quantitative and qualitative 
  • Understands a 3-month container is a good starting place however longer-term coaching & mentorship is always better to work with (9-12+ months)
  • Integrates the teachings asap and takes action
  • Is consistent, resilient, and persistent to build a high-end VA business (of course you'll be supported through this)

We provide the $1k to $10k months framework, audits, support, and coaching. It's up to you to implement, be resilient, consistent, and persistent.

Have questions about 1:1 coaching? Send a DM to Chrissy on IG @highendva or text us on Whatsapp at +14434066507 

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